Thursday, September 25, 2008

The EVERY belt!

Decades has just received two great belts that can be worn any way you wish. The designer is unknown, but the looks are fabulous. The first belt is a long black snakeskin with black tassels on either end. The length and width make this belt extremely versatile. It can be worn high waist, low waist, or even around the neck as a very uncommon scarf. The second belt has two main sections. First, is the leather middle portion of the belt with gold piping that is the central focus of the piece. Second, coming off of the leather mid-section there are several black and gold cords on either side. The cords wind around one another to form one large cord that frays at the end. The frayed cords on the ends of the belt are studded with black and gold beads. Both of these pieces will wake up the most drab of outfits. If you are the sort that loves the white t-shirt and blue jean ensemble, both of these belts are screaming your name.

Anonymous black snakeskin belt with black tassel, c.1980's. Size NA SOLD

Anonymous black and gold cord belt with leather band, c. 1980's. Size NA SOLD

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