Saturday, October 31, 2009

Step away from the Curtains!

In honor of All Hallow's Eve, we bring to you a post from our past that would make make you the envy of all the fashionista's this Halloween -- why shouldn't you wear Haute Couture and a Halloween costume tonight?

We might be in a recession, but there is no need to tear down those curtains. This gown was created by Jean Louis Scherrer in the early 1980's as a throwback to the Victorian era. One can only imagine what Scarlet O'Hara would have done with those curtains if she could have had this dress instead.

There are numerous layers of black tulle under the skirt, which gives it all the volume. The outer shell of the gown is canary silk taffeta covered in black Chantilly lace. The same black Chantilly lace drips from the sleeves, and there are black velvet bows on either side of the hip.
This gown has a decollete neck line, which was reserved for the wealthy during the Victorian era. A working class person would have never been permitted to reveal so much skin. If you have a ball to attend, there is only one name you will be called while wearing this gown, that is Belle.

Jean Louis Scherrer Haute Couture Victorian Era-style canary yellow and black Chantilly lace gown with silk tafetta, c. early 1980's. Modern size 4-6.
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