Friday, October 09, 2009


Most of you have grown accustomed to the fascination on current runways with 80s-inspired fashions exemplified by the exciting work of Christophe Decarnin at the House of Balmain, which should be called the House of Bling Bling, but we love it! However, not everything about teh 1980s was about bells and whistles. Many designers from the 80s favored simplistic and architectural designs such as Calvin Klein and Gianfranco Ferre, who is represented below. (For fashioninstas, yes, we know Ferre did his share of over the top of fashions, but for the sake of this argument, please indulge us!)

Talk about simple: an over-sized purple suede "tee shirt" dress with exaggerated sleeves that narrows at the hips. It may be from the early 80s, but it could be Phoebe Philo for Celine, considering her chic and minimal debut runway collection that left editors and buyers excited as someone was finally doing sensual day wear that was appropriate to wear without looking like a hooker. That's what this day dress does: it is chic and simply seamed; it is sensual (nothing feels yummier than suede); it is functional (tights and flat boots); it is appropriate (doesn't show excessive skin, yet is feminine); do we need to go on? Try it with a wide belt and give your suede tee a little "blouse" and it takes on an entierely new look.

Gianfranco Ferre for Giorgio purple suede tee-shirt dress, c. 1980s. Modern 4 to 6 SOLD
Shown with Anonymous leather and suede hip belt, c. 1980s SOLD

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