Saturday, October 24, 2009


We don't intentionally avoid posting Pucci pieces, but sometimes we fear that vintage Pucci is just sooooo vintage. Well isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? After all, Decades is a vintage couture boutique and when we first opened our doors on Melrose Avenue nearly THIRTEEN! years ago in Los Angeles, our racks were filled with 1960s Pucci dresses, blouses, jackets, and slips. Since 1997, vintage boutiques and Pucci have become quite the bosom buddies. Perhaps the association of vintage Pucci with a vintage clothing boutique is a bit obvious, hence our hesitation to exploit the two. Well, after a few years in therapy discussing our reservations about selling too much vintage Pucci with our esteemed therapist Doctor Freud, it's game on! We are over our hesitation and embracing the old with the, er, old.

This early 1960s velvet Emilio Pucci empire waist dress was originally retailed at Lord & Taylor and has a terrific silhouette in wonderful autumn colors of chocolate and shades of steel-y With a V neck and buttons going up the front of the dress, the familiar psychedelic pattern of Pucci is used to desirable effect and flattering proportions. It really is a Decades requirement to own a vintage Pucci to graduate successfully with an "A" in Decades 101, so choose this Pucci and enjoy the "trip" of wearing it.

Emilio Pucci for Lord & Taylor brown/cream/steel blue velvet empire waist short-sleeve dress in cotton velvet, c. early 1960s. Modern 4 to small 6. Slight spot as indicated in photo on left side of neck border.
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