Friday, November 27, 2009


All over retail stores in the US today, post-Thanksgiving consumers are packing on the presents after packing on the pounds, following last night's traditional feast. At Decades, we say "bah humbug" to Black Friday, as our stylish, sophisticated, and savvy clients know the best deal in town is to buy something vintage that is likely to gain in value, won't be seen coming and going, is environmentally friendly, and has a history (in a good way!). We promise to post accessories galore in the next month for those in a gifting kind of mood. But as our faithful blog readers can see, we are busy and things are selling fast (especially accessories) since husband's are visiting the blog and our store in large numbers already to find the perfect vintage gift at the store. We will let you know we have a lot of 80s Chanel handbags that we will post in the next week, plus lots of Chanel jewelry, but Chanel is selling before we post to customers shopping the store, so we are doing our best to satiate those in the World Wide Web and those that visit us in the flesh.

Enough of our consumer rant, and now let's celebrate this celebratory Zandra Rhodes hand-printed chiffon "Field of Lilies" cream dress with original pink satin sash. Ideal for the boho bride, yet Stephanie Seymour-sexy for, well, Stephanie Seymour, this dress features one of Zandra Rhodes iconic prints and adds signature faux Mother of Pearl iridescent appliques along the top of the dress. A democratically flattering silhouette, the dress looks great on a plethora of sizes and shapes. The billowy long sleeves, elastic waist, and full/swash-friendly skirt make this a dress ideal for a beach wedding on a bride who likes sand between her toes. If you are to choose one dress to get married in while barefoot, we have your (un)-gown. Although we might suggest this dress to a bride-to-be, anyone feeling easy breezy and boho can certainly wear this classic example of Zandra Rhodes.

Zandra Rhodes cream "Field of Lilies" hand-printed chiffon dress with sash, c. 1970s. Modern 4 to 6 SOLD
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