Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cleo was Crazy!

Why on earth would someone put a pearl into a chalice of wine vinegar and drink it?! This sounds like some crazy bourgeoisie frat boy prank gone horribly awry. Below are three fantastic examples of why you should not place such items into vinegar (so that you can make them into jewelry and wear them instead!)

The first Chanel necklace is a gold chain adorned with red and green griproix glass stones and gold CC logo coins. Second, is a classic double strand of large faux pearls strung on separate gold chains. Lastly is a single gold chain with a faux pearl clover medallion with a fringe bell dangling from the medallion. Please keep all vinegar away from these lovely pieces, and now please enjoy an appropriate poem by Emily Dickinson.

Her breast is fit for pearls,

But I was not a "Diver" --

Her brow is fit for thrones

But I have not a crest.

Her heart is fit for home --

I -- a Sparrow -- build there

Sweet of twigs and twine

My perennial nest.

Chanel chain necklace with red and green poured glass medallions c. 70s.SOLD
Measures 19" long Chanel large pearl double strand necklace. 1992. Measures 18" long SOLD
Chanel pearl four leaf clover chain necklace with tassel. c.70s. Measures 14" long. Pendant 1 3/4" x 5" SOLD

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