Thursday, March 03, 2011


Growing up in Los Angeles in the1970s and 80s, I became pretty familiar with the work of
Holly Harp. I have memories of sitting on a couch in her store while my mother shopped the sample sales. Holly Harp dressed so many people in my hometown that I am always looking for her pieces. Although she was most popular for her use of fluid jersey and dressing rock stars like Stevie Nicks, this Holly Harp dress isn't in jersey and is more for the Disco than the Troubadour.

If the Great Gatsby merged with Studio 54, this would be Daisy Buchanan's look. This "flapper" dress features four thin straps to create a V shaped-neckline and back; plus tiers of iridescent fringe for a shimmy sensation. It's super light and flirty and an unusual example of Holly Harp's designs. Many years ago, we mounted a Holly Harp retrospective at Decades which included incredible early designs from the late 1960s and early 1970s. I only wish we had all those pieces still! Certainly, they have all found amazing homes and this Holly will find a great home, too.

Holly Harp crepe and fringe dress, c. late 1970s. Modern 4 to 6 SOLD
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