Saturday, March 12, 2011


You've heard of the Naked Cowboy, but do you know about the Naked Birkin? This Hermes Birkin is raw! The ostrich hide appears to be untreated and in a natural state. In 21 plus years of Hermes-obsession, I have never seen a bag with this type of finishing. (My first Hermes ostrich purchase was an agenda that I bought in London around 1989. I still have it, of course). If any of you fabulous friends who follow the blog or visit the store know more about this type of treatment on ostrich skin, please share. The 25 cm Birkin is totally neutral and will match just about anything. The fifth, sixth, and seventh photos really show the color most accurate. It is not a gold, but much more pale. I imagine this bag would patina beautifully. So it's a naked Birkin with a do-it-yourself finish.

Hermes 25 cm Birkin in "naked" ostrich with palladium hardware, J stamp for for 2006. Appears unused. S stamp for purchase on sale. SOLD
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