Thursday, June 07, 2012


Mrs. Patricia Kennedy, a beautiful woman as famous for her large collection of Haute Couture gowns as for her philanthropic work, brought this Givenchy gown at Decades hoping to find a new caring home for it. She thought the dress was purchased in the late 90's, but after an email from one of our avid readers of the blog and some in house fashion investigation, it was uncovered the real date of the birth of this piece. Discovering it was Alexander McQueen for Givenchy it made us all feel like we brought McQueen back to life ... even for a moment. A great artist lives through his work, and for that special women who will own this piece, McQueen will live to tell his own story.
Before he opened his own house, Alexander McQueen was hired by the House of Givenchy where he did more than design. He stirred the waters of this iconic French fashion house. His designs reflected the struggles that McQueen faced in integrating his vision with that of Givenchy. Some impeccably tailored blazers and the unusual metallic fabrics were a success, so were the Haute Couture gowns with exquisite embroidery like this stunning gown below that made Cameron sing upon arrival at Decades headquarters. This is not just an absolutely stunning gown, with delicate details and beaded fringe, but it is a piece of fashion history of a legendary designer who while at Givenchy created pieces that exuded a classic French elegance with an unexpected British twist.

Alexander McQueen for Givenchy Haute Couture illusion gown with embroidery. Spring/Summer 2000.  Modern size 6
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