Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I am a bit confused as I am getting conflicting answers as to when Aqua Net first came out:  some say the 1950s (which makes sense to me), but others way the 1980s (in tandem with the hair band glory days).  The history of Aqua Net has nothing to do with this 1960s Balenciaga Haute Couture aqua hued dress other than the sublime color of this 1960s dress.  You will see me sandwiched below by pink-haired Julie Macklowe and actress Abigail Spencer who is wearing the Balenciaga dress with great success.  I am sold on the color and the timeless style.  It's really what Decades is all about: vintage that looks modern.  So spray some Aqua Net in your hair but avoid it touching the precious fabric of this effortless dress by one of the masters of 20th Century design.

Balenciaga Haute Couture mousseline aqua print dress, 1960's. Modern size 4.

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