Thursday, July 11, 2013


1965 was the beginning of a new era, the hippies with their trippy colored clothes, the long hair and retro clothes, in fringe and fur, synonymous with exuberance, challenged authority and they no longer wanted to look like their parents. It was the first time that high end designers were not dictating the trends, the young people in the street were. Hippies gravitated toward colorful, exotic and eclectic colors and fabrics. Quilting and tie-dye amongst other techniques, were seen on street kids and rock stars alike. Marian Clayden and Katherine Westphal. To celebrate the Hippie fashion The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has curated an exhibit opening on July 16th, to which our very own Cameron Silver has donated an amazing ethnic inspired dress by Giorgio di Sant'Angelo pictured below. 
To celebrate the Hippies and the new exhibit at the MFA we opened our Art to Wear archives of Decades and selected these two dresses from highly respected artists and fashion designers from California. Before Marian Clayden's collection of clothes was selling at Saks Fifth Avenue in the 80's, she was an accomplished textile artist. The fine fabrics that she created dresses from were hand dyed in romantic colors and finished off with exquisite details such as beads and ethnic pendants just like in the rainbow dress below with the bias cut layers and matching headband in light chiffon.
Katherine Westphal ethnic tunic dress with patchwork quilted pink flower inspired by India, shows clearly why she is a famous artist who helped to establish quilting as a fine art as well as pattern and decoration in textiles. The dress reflects a California vibe of the seventies and made in light cotton is the perfect lounge or travel piece. 

Katherine Westphal pink flower patchwork and embroidery tunic dress in cotton, c. 1970's. Will fit size 2 to 6. 

Marian Clayden hand tie-dye chiffon dress with matching head band, Spring 1989. Will fit size 2 to 6. 

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