Saturday, July 20, 2013


Back in the stone age when Decades opened in 1997, Diane von Furstenberg initiated a buy back program to develop an archive of her tremendously iconic wrap dresses which occurred in tandem with the re-launch of her eponymous collection. Well, we all now what a massive success the DVF re-launch was and what a power house this luxury brand is in 2013.  I can remember selling vintage wrap dresses to DVF for $200/pop back in 1997.  I think her company offered private original owners only $50 a dress, but I am a savvy business man!  Can you imagine the frenzy our massive collection of vintage wrap dresses we have recently acquired (many of which are "deadstock"/unworn) would have caused her archivist 16-plus years ago? There is something inherently magical about a wrap dress and I find truly flatters every body.  These vintage wraps are affordable and are the originals that made the remarkable Diane von Furstenberg a true legend.  How chic is that? A few more are posted here,

Diane Von Furstenberg original wrap dresses from the 1970s.

Red Splatter print,  50%cotton- 50% Rayon. Tag marked 12, modern 4 to 8

Green Bamboo print, 50%cotton- 50% Rayon. Tag marked 14, modern 4 to 8

Brown Splatter print, 50%cotton- 50% Rayon. Tag marked 12, modern 4 to 8

Black Animal print, 50%cotton- 50% Rayon. Tag marked 12, modern 4 to 8

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