Tuesday, July 02, 2013


With all the couture shows well under way in Paris, Dior was the one that impressed me the most because of its modernity. Raf Simons questioned what couture is, its purpose in these times and suggested a new way to look and wear couture. It made me feel the same way as I always felt about Norman Norell's mermaid dresses from the 60's. Well made, luxurious and modern. 
Considered an American couturier, there is no doubt to the high quality of his craft, but the simplicity of the silhouettes and the currentness that he brought to a new decade, was what the new modern woman wanted and needed. As Raf Simons pushes forward at Dior, the fashion world can not ignore the questions that he is asking. What is hot about Haute Couture if it is not for innovative, beautiful and wearable clothes.

Norman Norell mermaid jersey dress in gold paillettes, c.1960's. Modern size 2 to 4. 

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