Saturday, August 17, 2013


We have two classic Hermes bags that just came out of the epic storage facility of a family that has devoted not one, but two work spaces to a collection in the tens of thousands composed of clothes and accessories.  The pieces date as far back as the 1940s from the great Hollywood designer Irene; up to the early 1990s.  The Hermes collection is vast.  We have been selling the family's Hermes leather goods over the last few months and they have all found great homes.  The 35 cm chocolate Kelly and patent leather Constance are from this impressive collection.  The brown Kelly has a little wear on the handle and a scratch here and there, but it's priced in a very friendly way.  A lady who lunches can afford to take her friends to lunch with the money she will save on this bag. The key doesn't open the lock, but that's a quick fix as Hermes will provide a correct key (that's a casualty of having 100 plus Hermes bags - locks and keys get separated).  The Constance is only for a rock 'n roll Hermes lover as the patent leather has some serious "stretch marks" although the hardware is looking wonderful. A lady who lunch need not apply.

 Hermes Kelly brown 35 cm, c. pre 1972 Stamped Hermes Paris. (lock does not match key) SOLD

 Hermes Constance black 23 cm. Stamped L, 1982. (in rock 'n roll condition) SOLD
For additional information, please email or call + 1 323 655-1960. You may also visit us in person at Decades 8214 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California. Please reference the description above, if calling or emailing.