Saturday, August 24, 2013


Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain, and Jacques Fath are credited with saving French Haute Couture following the end of World War Two.  Fath presented his first collection in 1937 and never shuttered his house during the war (although he did spend a brief spell as a prisoner in 1940).  His clients during the war were Germans, black marketers, and the ultra wealthy collaborators.  Miraculously his reputation wasn't tarnished and he became an international brand following the war.  In 1945, Diana Vreeland famously asked an assistant to bring back a fabric rose from Paris to prove that French Couture had survived the war.  The Couture and Fath survived. 

This LBD from 1949 epitomizes "the chic young Parisienne" which became the hallmark style of Fath's work.  Perhaps not as innovative as Dior, Fath did know how to highlight a client's curves with fitted waists and molded busts.  Plus, he was apparently a real charmer and he and his beard/wife, the former model and Fath muse, Genevieve Boucher de la Bruyere, threw fabulous parties. 

I will personally guarantee that this dress will make you chic, perhaps young, and was made in Paris. 

Jacques Fath Haute Couture black wool cocktail dress, 1949. Modern size 4-6. 

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