Saturday, July 05, 2008


We are stumped and kindly ask the brilliant Decades blog readers to help us. Who is Goninger? He or she designed this belt in 1981 (it's stamped with a Copyright), but we don't know who the mysterious Groninger is and think we've discovered the Keyser Söze of Decades! Well if you know anything, please help us solve this fashion mystery.

As for the belt, it's a very effortless design of seductive and slim twisted gold twine with large knots, book-ended by two hand polished wood pieces, and a jolly good tassel, for an extra decorative splurge! It's free size and will work with a myriad of ensembles when you want to punch up

UPDATE: The belt was designed by Cara Croniger in 1981. Our fashionable friend Ricky Serbin of San Francisco confirmed that Cara was an Art to Wear designer with Robert Lee Morris at that time. Thanks Ricky!

Groninger gold woven twine belt with polished wood anchors, 1981.
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