Saturday, July 26, 2008

Unexpected Cardin Haute Couture

This gown is the antithesis of what one thinks when the name Pierre Cardin is uttered. We bring to you, from the depths of the Decades collection, an Haute Couture silk Grecian-style gown in burgundy chiffon. Cardin strayed from his usual clean lines, bright colors, and ultra modern construction when he created this look. The gown consists of several panels that drape over and around a central dress. There is a panel that hangs off the shoulders and dips down in the front. Another panel wraps from the shoulders down and around the back, and covers the lower back half of the gown. The upper back has a long slit with four tiny ribbons that hold the dress together. Finally, there is a sash created of the same chiffon material that wraps the beautiful couture bundle together. It may sound from the description that there is a lot going on, and there is, but it all blends beautifully together to create a very soft and elegant look.

Pierre Cardin Haute Couture Grecian-style burgundy chiffon evening gown, c. late 1970's. Contemporary size 6-8. SOLD
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