Monday, January 19, 2009


In less than 24 hours Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America. You are wondering: "Where is my invitation to one of the Inaugural Galas?" Apparently it's lost in the mail. Suddenly, someone from President-elect Obama's office has just rung you and informed: "You are invited and get over to D.C. ASAP!" You hang-up the phone and suddenly shiver in excitement and shiver in anticipation of the 4 degree weather in D.C. What to wear? Everything you own is slinky and sexy and this is not the dress code for an Inaugural Ball. Relief comes in your daily ritual of viewing the Decades Daily Arrival Blog. Decades to the rescue! This Chanel Boutique trompe l'oeil dress features a velvet faux "Chanel" jacket that connects to a grand taffeta skirt. The top may look like a functional jacket but the interlocking "C" buttons are decorative. It's an evening gown that will keep you warm and appropriate. This is Chanel that is the ultimate in decorum. One might even say the D in D.C. stands for Decorum! Snazz it up with some groovy hued shoes and dramatic earrings.

Chanel Boutique trompe l'oeil velvet and satin trim "jacket" connecting to a black tafetta full skirt, c. early 1980s. Modern size 6. Provenance: Tina Sinatra
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