Saturday, January 17, 2009


Kenneth J. Lane started his illustrious career designing jewelry in 1963, after leaving the Vogue art department in New York. K.J.L. became known for designing large, bold pieces with interesting color combinations. Much of the K.J.L. jewelry was inspired by astrology, flora, and fauna. The ten bracelets and single necklace are a fine representation of what was being produced by Kenneth J. Lane in the late 1970's. All of these pieces were purchased by a single owner at the K.J.L. boutique in the Rodeo Collection on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills CA.

Each piece is listed below the pictures, with a brief description and size information.

K.J.L. black lacquer gold crystal and pearl Maltese cuff, c.1970's. Circumference 8"SOLD
K.J.L. Double ram's head crystal encrusted cuff, c.1970's. Circumference 8.5"SOLD
K.J.L. Gold and green enamel 7 frog link bracelet, c.1970's. Circumference 8" SOLD
K.J.L. White resin with metal gold beads bracelet, c.1970's. Circumference 10" SOLD
K.J.L. Gold with white bead bracelet, c.1970's. Circumference 10"
K.J.L. Gold black lacquered cuff with multi-color stones, c.1970's. Circumference 8"
K.J.L. Gold white lacquer alligator bracelet, c.1970's. Circumference 10" SOLD
K.J.L. Gold jewel encrusted ram's head bracelet, c.1970's. Circumference 10" SOLD
K.J.L. Gold and faux jade bracelet, c.1970's. Circumference 10"SOLD
K.J.L. Gold crocodile embossed cuff, c.1970's. Circumference 7" SOLD
K.J.L. Silver star crystal encrusted black bead necklace, c.1970's. 15" long SOLD
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