Thursday, January 01, 2009


On a clear day, you can see forever, and today LA is clear with sparse clouds and as we celebrate the first day of 2009, Decades is so thankful for all of your support these past TWELVE years. Yes, 2009 marks our twelfth year in business. Our Daily Arrival Blog is now in its third year, too. We are so grateful to our clients around the world and our avid blog readers. We are also flattered by all our imitators, too. When Decades opened in 1997 on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, the street had virtually no fashion retail and vintage was not a socially acceptable way for one to dress. Now, Melrose Avenue is filled with a myriad of boutiques and vintage has become both an environmentally friendly way to dress, but, also, a way to look distinctive and stylish. Our mantra has always been: VINTAGE THAT LOOKS MODERN. By educating the consumer that vintage is not about costume-y clothing and accessories, the audience for collectible clothing has grown enormously. We couldn't do it without you.

So what to wear on the first day of 2009? Why, Halston, of course. This iconic scoop neck dress of cloud printed jersey covered by clear pailettes is a classic Halston design of the 1970s. There's a fab photo of Dina Merrill wearing this dress in the brilliant Halston book published by Phaidon. There are no tricks up the sleeves of this dress. Just a simple cut, with an optimistic motif of clouds, with some added sheen of the pailettes. It's as if when you wear this dress, the Heavens are not only looking after you, but they are upon you, too.

Halston iconic cloud motif scoop neck dress of jersey and pailettes, c. 1970s. Modern 4 to slim 6 SOLD

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