Friday, September 04, 2009

A Force to be Reckoned With

We are proud to post another Hermes exotic skin Birkin. The recently posted 30 cm ostrich Birkin sold so quickly that we thought it was time to show you the big guns! This is a 35cm Porosus crocodile Birkin with gold hardware. The bag is in excellent condition. It still has the plastic on the hardware; sans the feet. The color is called Vert Force, which translates to a rich and very sensual dark forest green. The blind stamp is a square F for 2002. The pattern on this skin is exceptional; the balance of the scales is Mother Nature at her very best (as usual) and this example is simply stunning. Naturally, this bag comes with all the usual fare:, lock, key, box, rain cover, dust cover. If you do not have an exotic skin Birkin yet, this is a perfect way to start. Porosus crocodiles are salt water and considered to be the most ferocious yet the most coveted in beauty of skin. This makes it extremely difficult to find a perfect skin, as they are known to fight amongst themselves. This is an ideal example of how a bag becomes a work of art, and it should be treated as such. Croco birkins in 35 cm are not readily available in Porosus. We are amazed by the huge mark-ups most of the other pre-owned luxury sellers command for coroc Birkins, However,we are selling this delicious bag for near the equivalent of buying the same bag from an Hermes boutique. But we don't need to remind you that croco Birkins in 35 cm are next to impossible to find at an Hermes boutique. Why wait? Come to Decades and celebrate!

Hermes Vert Fonce Porosus Crocodile 35 cm Birkin with gold hardware, 2002. SOLD
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