Thursday, September 03, 2009


We have been posting a lot of Hermes Birkin bags, so we thought it was time to change the vibe and offer a Kelly bag. We get a lot of requests for Hermes bags and we want to remind those who are not familiar with Decades, or, our store front in Los Angeles, or, our shop within Dover Street Market in London, or, our online blog that has existed since 2004 (well you are reading this so at least you know a lil' bit about us), or, our temporary pop up shot in Tokyo that is currently open with Vogue Nippon, that we do not sell fake Hermes bags. That is one of the reasons that since 1997 we have been a global destination for purchasing vintage Hermes bags, as well as pre-owned and/or unused modern iconic Hermes bags. Although our primary focus at Decades is 20th Century vintage couture, only Hermes makes the exception as a good bag is hard to find! For a highly desirable bag that is unused, don't be surprised to pay a slight premium above retail, rather like buying the Toyota Prius in 2004 when the dealers charged over sticker price. Although many sellers tend to double the prices over current Hermes retail, that is not our style.

Okay back to the Kelly, 35 cm of Clemence leather in Vert Anis with gold hardware. No box, but the sleeper bag is there, the color is fabu, and appears pretty flawless to our smoke-irritated eyes. We always love this unusual green shade as it is bright for spring, but still right for fall. There aren't that many 35 cm Kellys floating around so it's an unpredictable size and perfectly mushy in all the right ways.

Hermes 35 cm Kelly in Vert Anis clemence leather and gold hardware. J Stamp for 2006. Appears in excellent condition, the orange cardboard box is not flawless, but naturally a sleeper bag is included. SOLD

For additional information, please email or phone our Los Angeles flagship on + 1 323 655 0223 (store hours are 11 30 am to 6 pm PST). For email requests, kindly reference the above description in addition to including your full name, phone number, City/State/Country from which you email, so we may offer you a high-level of personal service.