Monday, September 14, 2009


The idea of mixing the words "stoned" and "Hermes" in the same sentence may shock a few of our blog fans, but let us explain ourselves. We get "high" on Hermes and when presented with the lethal combo of a stone colored suede late 60s trench coat that has been masterfully designed by Hermes and lined in a cashmere/wool jersey H pattern lining, we are ready for Hazelden! There are trench coats and then there are TRENCH COATS. This is the ultimate trench coat in the softest of suede with a lean and long silhouette with high arm holes and a slight bracelet sleeve length. Not only is the coat made beautifully (that's a given as it is Hermes of Paris), but the pattern of the coat is feminine and functional. Vintage suede trench coats from Hermes do not grow on trees and even more unusual is to acquire one in a light suede color that is also in extremely good condition for a 40-plus year old coat. It really doesn't get any better than a trench coat designed by Hermes in glove-soft suede. Some may get high off champagne or cocaine, but we get a kick out of this Hermes trench coat. Cole Porter could have written a stanza about this treasure!

Hermes Sport stone suede trench coat with jersey H logo lining, c. late 1960s. Modern size 4 SOLD

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