Tuesday, September 01, 2009


The legendary designer Valentina is often quoted by her famous bon mot above. It was in reference to the fact that mink is not particularly a more exclusive fur than skunk per se....sort of like "A Diamond is Forever" however diamonds are readily available and hardly a rare commodity. In a sense, Valentina felt anyone can own a mink. Well, not anyone can own a vintage Revillion mink anorak as this coat could be worn playing football (the big shoulders!) and looks like the Fall 2009 oversized coats we are seeing from Marc Jacobs. For less than one of the MJ wool coats, you can own an oversized mink by one of the great French furriers. Don't be scared of the volume of this coat as it looks very fresh with a tiny dress underneath or a fitted turtle neck and slim pant with boots. The "boyfriend's coat" follows the popularity of the boyfriend jean and jacket. This coat will keep you super warm in the winter (crazy when we think of the terrible hate wave and fires we are experiencing in Los Angeles) and has a chic sportif motif that makes it work in a myriad of ways: casual weekend wear, chic work wear, and unexpectedly hip with a sexy LBD for a night out on the town. When warmth is your primary motivation, but you don't want to sacrifice a fashion statement, then choose this coat that is a great investment for a minmimal investment (a new Revillon fur like this would be well into the five figures) that we have a feeling you will never take off once the temperates go down.

Revillon brown mink oversized anorak with exaggerated hood, c. early 1980s. Modern size 4 to 8 SOLD

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