Saturday, September 05, 2009


Call us a visionary, but when we originally posted these Gianni Versace suede drop crotch pants nearly two years ago here, no one was ready for the drop crotch, apparently as these pants have shockingly languished at Decades for 24 months just waiting for their moment. Well, that moment is now! If you do want to update your wardrobe with a single new and of-the-moment look, the drop crotch pant will make you au courant in a flash. However, we do not think it is necessary to necessarily buy "new" drop crotch pants to freshen up your closet. We suggest these Versace drop crotch pants which are magically both old and new! Whatcha talkin' 'bout Willis? These pants are dead stock and in flawless condition. The black and brown suede combo is seamed with strips of black leather and the high-waist has loops for the very distinctive belt of olive leather and metal trim. Wear these tucked into slouch boots or with sexy heels and we have a feeling admirers around you will drop their crotches for your dropped crotch pants that defy gravity!

Gianni Versace two-tone suede with leather trim drop crotch pants and olive leather with metallic trim belt, c. early 1990s. Modern size 4 SOLD

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