Thursday, December 24, 2009


It's not too late to give the gift that is really wanted: a Hermes black 40cm Vachette Grainee des Ardennes Birkin with gold hardware from 1998. Why is this the ultimate Christmas present? It's a 40 cm black Birkin with gold hardware -- casual for day and big enough for a weekend away. It's in a grained leather no longer made by Hermes and extremely unusual to find in the vintage market. It has just been lovingly refurbished by Hermes in Beverly Hills so it is in tip-top condition. However, realize our explanation is's a Birkin; it's Hermes; it's black and gold; the leather is highly desirable and very sturdy...blah blah blah. Get this under some one's Christmas tree...

Hermes Birkin in black Vachette Grainee des Ardennes with gold hardware, B stamp for 1998. Recondtioned by Hermes. Sleeper bag included SOLD

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