Thursday, February 11, 2010


The guest at a party with a tin of Altoids is often the most popular attendee as a) the guest likely has fresh mint breath; and b) the guest likely insures other guests have fresh mint breath, too. Now we can't positively state that the guest in a vintage Pierre Balmain Haute Couture mint colored evening dress will be the most popular guest at a party, but throw in a tin of Altoids with this late 60s exhilarating-hued dress and we say the site of that guest in this dress can freshen even the breath of an over-indulged-h'ors d'oeuvres-guest-with-too-much-garlic-and deadly-breath party animal!

Back to the dress: the silk crepe rounded-tank style dress is trimmed in Lesage embroidery and features a simple coordinating slim sash belt. The skirt has two layers and the back scoops just low enough to be sexy without being too revealing. Some thoughts on cocktail dresses in unexpected colors and trims: they are good to own especially when there's a blizzard and you have to go to a formal event. If the streets are full of snow, don't wear a full length gown. Wear this dress with tights and Uggs....but don't wear the Uggs into the party, rather throw them off in the car en route and switch to your Louboutins (it will be our secret!). Now when the weather isn't frightful and it's spring or summer, this dress will look divine with a bare leg and some strappy Choos or Atwoods.

We have several additional Balmain Haute Couture concoctions to post including full length gowns with elaborate Lesage embroidery, but we have to buy a new form to photograph them on as they are true twos and our mannequin is a four. They will post soon...we promise!

Pierre Balmain Haute Couture mint layered skirt silk crepe cocktail dress with Lesage trim, c. late 1960s. Modern 4 to 6 SOLD
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