Thursday, February 18, 2010


Actually we really wish you (we are talking about you Mr. Hermes Birkin below) were here, but you sold so fast. You were a perfect and unused 35 cm black Togo Birkin from 2009 (M stamp) with palladium hardware, but you had other plans rather than stick around at Decades. You left us like a guilty one night stand when a sweet young thing popped into the store and saw our "private" photo shoot (it's not like we re planning on sharing these photos with the weeklies!). She said "I will take that" and pointed to you and we took her Amex and couldn't even properly say goodbye. We hope you are happy at your new home, but we miss you something awful. Hermes Birkin black Togo leather with palladium hardware, 2009 (M stamp). Brand new, unused in box. SOLD