Tuesday, November 08, 2011


This wonderful blue satin dress by the designer Nolan Miller reminds us to expect a reboot of interest in “ladylike” fashions this winter. Due in no small part to the December 16 release of “The Iron Lady.” This is Meryl Streep’s next starring role in which she channels the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
Tory Burch recently Tweeted her favorite Thatcher quote, and it is one of ours, too: “If you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.” Thatcher was an international icon of politics and style. Always impeccably turned out, the hair, the suits, the dresses…that voice which was the result of vocal coaching organized for her by Sir Laurence Olivier. (In actuality, this particular dress would have been a bit too soft for the Iron Lady, the neck and shoulder design too feminine for her purposes.) The 1980s were a powerful time for women, and the fashions from the decade reflect this in two distinct categories most popular then, the ladylike and the vixen. While Margaret Thatcher was running England, Madonna was rocking the airwaves with her music and racy videos. In the 1980s, the glass ceiling was raised and some women, especially Margaret Thatcher—and Madonna--rocketed right through it. (Ladylike dressing also gets a boost this autumn-winter from Madonna’s homage to the duchess of Windsor in her new film, “W.E.”)
Television shows like “Dallas” and “Dynasty,” where Nolan Miller famously dressed Joan Collins and Linda Evans, celebrated the ascent of women as much as it rejected it, stereotyping the powerful working woman, Collins’ Alexis, as a shoulder-padded bitch and the milder Evans’ Crystal as a victim.
All that said and done what you have here is one perfectly exquisite Nolan Miller dress to wear in glory, decorum and with honor. Or rock it with some high-heeled vixen Louboutins and bed hair. What Would Madonna Do? Strike a pose. What Would Margaret Thatcher Do? Ask any woman.

Nolan Miller blue satin dress, c.1980's. Modern size 4 to 6. SOLD

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