Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The applique on this black linen dress from Paris designer Paul Louis Orrier in the 1980s is not only beautiful it is thought provoking. (The leaves are suede and applied on the black linen.) Ornamentation is never arbitrary. Wearing a garment with any sort of specifically representational pattern telegraphs a personal statement instantly, representing how you see yourself, the special world you inhabit most comfortably or most daringly, or the group or groups you are associated with. (Peace symbols, flags…teddy bears…)

Here this marvelously chicly feminine black dress is wearing nature where her heart beats. Who is she? A natural woman, elegant and grounded, mother earth meets Grace Kelly. Further hint? It is perfect to wear not only any time you very well please but also, and why not, on Thanksgiving. It’s the bounty, and the respect, the dress expresses. Then add some jewelry after the pumpkin pie and dance the night away. Pilgrims rock.


Paul Louis Orrier dress with beads and suede appliqué detail, c.1980's. Modern size 4 to 6.

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