Saturday, November 26, 2011


Rudi Gernreich did not stylized himself as a professional virtuoso of the fashion world but rather turn to an audience hungry for innovation. His clothes represented an attack on "good manners" and "good taste". In this more subdued ensemble than his iconic work, the way he breaks the rules is simply by mixing prints. For someone born in the 90's this is barely risque, but if you were living in the sixties, just this mix of prints in your daily outfits counted for a big wave in the fashion revolution of that decade.
This knit ensemble would be the perfect outfit to wear at your parents in law Christmas or Hanukkah dinner. It says conservative upon first look, young and fresh with the op art print, and naughty because you are wearing Rudi Gernreich. He was a provocateur who brought his 'fashion" closer to the contemporary art scene and marked his place outrageously in a very sexy decade in fashion, the incomparable 60's.

Rudi Gernreich knit ensemble (zip up top with side slash pocket skirt), c. 1965's. Modern size 4 SOLD

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