Saturday, December 10, 2011


Lyn Revson's World of Style - published 1977

Lyn with her sons Jeffrey and Steven

Lyn wearing a Norell winter coat

Lyn in a black Galanos gown

Lyn in a black crepe dress by Galanos

Lyn in Norell bugle-beaded pants

Lyn in a Galanos vanilla colored skirt with coat to match

We are very excited to announce that the Lyn Revson Collection curated by Decades will be available online at on Monday, december 12 as well as in the store on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. Many splendid Hermes pieces, Galanos, Courreges, Beene, YSL, Norell, Dior, Chanel, Helene Arpels and Cartier to name a few. Shop on Monday online and stop by the store to have a chance to own a piece (or many) from this American icon collection.

"Lyn Revson was married to the founder of Revlon and became a fashion icon in her own right. She was a muse to the great American designer Norman Norell and had a wonderful opportunity to collaborate on a bag with Hermes. She put a clock on the bag so she could always tell the time and in 1996, Hermes began selling the bag in their stores. Today, they are nearly impossible to find.
She represented the way a certain group of people were able to live in New York, that very international jet-set life and she was very admired for her style as a public figure. As such, she was also one of the first women to brand the lifestyle she lived through the book she wrote in the 1970's, Lyn Revson's World of Style: How to Join It and Live It. She lived an elegant life in all aspects of her life. It really inspires me." - Cameron Silver