Saturday, December 03, 2011


We are going to start taking more attractive photos for everyone as we have had a gorgeous media room for this purpose but have mostly used it for modern items on our Decadestwo.1 site but as merge everything into one glorious destination for lovers of pre-loved luxury (vintage and modern), we are beginning a few teases of how it will all look.

This late 40s custom Saks Fifth Avenue gown is in the very lightest shade of pistachio and in the very softest velvet. Truly inspired by grand French Haute Couture, this gown delivers six-figures of fashion for just over a grand. Now, we have highlight the boo-boos, but this is over 60 years old and it costs less than a pair of Balmain jeans (you know the jeans that HAVE rips in them and you gladly hand over nearly $2000 to own). Go grand to the ball. The color is so unusual and although it is velvet, I do believe it will take you into early spring.

Go grand for a bit more than a grand!

Saks Fifth Avenue custom pistachio velvet gown, c. late 1940s. Modern 2. Note damaged areas. SOLD
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