Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Even if you are not attending Monday evening Superheroes gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you still should make sure vintage Thierry Mugler is on your radar. His influence is everywhere and it's exciting to celebrate his designs over a decade since he was last in vogue. But what's a superhero to do when she is on vacation? Certanly, not every superhero wants to travel with an arsenal of weapons and armor garb? In that case, one need only look below to meld vacation-needs with hero-needs.

The viscose knit coral Thierry Mugler gown below uses the body piercing motif hardware, but in a cool lucite just about the bust. It's super light fabric and super versatile styling. Easily wearable with gladiator (of course!) sandals or a sexy heel. We adore the very 1940s style square and low-cut back, which gives the dress a lot of "going" and "coming" appeal. Throw it in your orange crocodile Birkin (trust us, it's super light and you will staff have room for your BlackBerry, make-up, and bail money, and hop on a plane to somewhere where there is real coral in the ocean. This is a dress for a holiday meant for a superhero, after protecting a Metropolis in distress.

Thierry Mugler viscose ribbed knit with lucite gathered ring flame dress, c 1990s. No size. Stretches 4 to 6. SOLD
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