Tuesday, April 29, 2008


We love runway jewels and if there is one trend that has emerged in contemporary fashion as of late, it's the return of great costume designer jewelry. Certainly Chanel has always been one of the great proponents of outstanding costume jewelry and Decades has been one of the great purveyors of vintage costume jewelry, especially from Chanel.

This dramatic gold cord sautoir is a runway piece likely from 1990. The original owner was a vendeuse at Chanel Haute Couture and she explained that the piece is one-of-a-kind (we've featured other pieces from her collection in previous posts). The super long necklace can be worn, well, super long, or it can be doubled around the neck. It can also be layered with tons of other jewels, too. The fantastic poured glass and delicate filigree pendant is really unusual, but then again, this is ONE-OF-A-KIND.

Chanel Haute Couture gold cord and filligree pendant necklace, c 1990 SOLD
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