Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So in the early 1990s, this Herve Leger Couture bandage dress retailed at Maxfield in Los Angeles for nearly $9000! That's the equivalent of around $14,500 today. How do we know this? One, the dress is deadstock with the original price tag from Maxfield delicately hanging from the back of the dress. Two, ever hear of an inflation calculator? Okay, we aren't selling this dress for $14, 500 or even for $9000, so, although inflation proves the dress would cost more today than it did 15 plus years ago, we can proudly offer you something for LESS than its original price.

Enough about the price--let's talk about the dress. An iconic bandage design with a strong yellow bodice that dramatically changes to black, the dress does what an Herve does so well: it holds you in where you need to be held and pushes you out, where you need to push out. Leger dresses give you booty where no booty exists. They give you a flat belly, even when you have had too many Jelly Bellies and not enough crunches. That's the magic of Herve Leger. We hope you fall under the spell of this dress! (Please note that the dress does zip up all the way but we didn't want to put too much pressure on the zipper against our plaster mannequin.)

Herve Leger Couture deadstock yellow and black iconic bandage dress, c 1990s. Marked size S, fits a contemporary size 4.
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