Sunday, April 27, 2008


We thought it was time to change the channel, since we have posting so many delicious Hermes bags as of late. Although we are changing the channel, we aren't short-changing you in the luxury quotient because we are showcasing a very unusual Chanel early 80s felt and quilted leather shoulder bag on the "Decades" channel today.

We always strive to find out-of-the-ordinary items at Decades, as well as, iconic and signature representations of 20th Century design. This Chanel bag uses the iconic and signature elements (black quilted leather, woven leather and gold chain, turn knob closing mechanism), but mixes it up with smooth felt creating a functional and fresh variation of a classic design. With long shoulder straps, the bag remains quintessentially Chanel, but one can still have all the signature details in a design that you won't see coming or going. If this bag were a TV show, you wouldn't want to click off this channel. Just like a hit TV show, the Decades blog is a Nielsen favorite, too!

Chanel quilted leather and felt long strap shoulder bag, c 1980s. Bag body is 12 x 8 1/2 x 3 inches.SOLD

For additional information, please email or call (323) 655-0223. Please reference the description above. For email requests, kindly include your full name and phone number plus City, State, and Country from which you are contacting.