Thursday, April 24, 2008

Decadent Earrings from Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, & Lacroix!

Looking for statement jewelry to top off a gorgeous vintage or contemporary dress? How about something that spices up your regular ol' day clothes? Costume jewelry is the way to go. The first earrings, from Christian Lacroix, combine stones in lavender, rose, and jade with gold hardware and pearl drops for a spectacular garden party effect. No less fetching are the Yves Saint Laurent chandelier hoops below, which employ Eastern-inspired stones and engraving for an exotic look. The next two sets are by Chanel--the first features a pearl drop with beautiful Gripoix poured glass, while the second stays simple and sexy with a small pearl drop and minimal gold hardware. If you want the Gripoix look for less dough, the Anonymous earrings below are the way to go! Fashion eccentrics will be drawn to the final pair by Yves Saint Laurent, featuring aubergine ornaments and gold hardware.

Christian Lacroix Garden Party Earrings with Stones in Lavender, Rose, and Jade with Gold Hardware, c. late 1980s. SOLD

Yves Saint Laurent Eastern-Inspired Hoop Chandelier Earrings in Gold with Ornamental Stones, c. 1980s.SOLD

Chanel Pearl Drop Earrings with Elementary-Colored Gripoix Poured Glass Decoration, c. 1980s.SOLD

Chanel Pearl Drop Earrings with Gold Hardware and Black Enamel, c. 1980s.SOLD

Anonymous Poured Glass and Gold Earrings in the style of Gripoix, c. 1980s. SOLD

Yves Saint Laurent Aubergine Drop Earrings with Gold Hardware and Ornamental Red Stone, c. 1980s. SOLD

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