Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Here is a "One Size Fits All" fashion event for our civilized clients who spend their summer weekends in the Hamptons:
Cultural historian, curator, and author, Kohle Yohannan, will be signing copies of his two most recent books, VALENTINA and THE MODEL AS A MUSE at The Rizzoli Bookstore at Empire Gallery in Sag Harbor this Saturday from 5 pm to 8 pm. Both books are necessary additions to the bookshelf or coffee table of any aesthetically-inclined fashion lover. Even if your closet is not filled to the brim with 1940s Valentina boleros or 1950s Charles James and Dior gowns, just owning both these books will add value and cache to your closet's contents. These books will imply you own an enviable collection of collectible Couture, even if you are more Banana Republic than Balmain. (Mmmm, if you summer in the Hamptons, we think your closets probably are pretty well stocked, come to think of it). However, the real value is in getting both your books signed by the smart and charming Mr. Yohannan. There is something about a book personally dedicated to you by a respected author. It also makes a wonderful gift.
Get thee to Sag Harbor this weekend and celebrate a slew of 20th Century Icons ranging from the incomparable and mysterious couturier Valentina Schlee to the world's greatest models of the last fifty years. Decades is proud to have both books signed by Mr. Yohannan for viewing on our coffee table within our Los Angeles boutique. And our closets are pretty gorgeous, too :)