Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wanna Get Meshy?

We know that lately we have been using the term "perfect for Summer" a lot lately, but these are Loris Azzaro lurex woven mesh tops. If these are not good for summer we don't know what is.

The first top is a woven gold lurex halter with a triangle pattern formed with strands of gold and silver metal chain. Hanging from the bottom of each chain are pearls and amber/clear crystal beads. Hanging form the bottom of the top are alternating gold and silver metal chains.

The second top is woven blue lurex halter with a keyhole opening in front. There are strands of metallic blue chain draped in a scallop pattern covering the top. Behind the neck and on the back are two closures that fasten with clear blue crystal fixtures.

Loris Azzaro gold woven mesh halter top with metallic chain detail, c.1970's. Contemporary size 4
Loris Azzaro blue woven mesh halter top with blue metallic scallop design, c.1970's. Contemporary size 4.

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