Monday, June 22, 2009


The bias cut slip dress is one of our most loved 20th Century clothing designs. It's Old Hollywood sexy and modern at the same time. But when is a slip a slip and when is a slip an evening dress? This sounds like a Carrie Bradshaw question and we can't really answer that since the new Galliano designed Dior slip dresses often look like lingerie. That is the same case for this official lingerie slip from Christian Dior Boutique that was designed in the 1970s for more intimate occasions, but is totally appropriate in the 21st Century for less intimate occasions. Why, Katy Perry would wear this on the red carpet and no one would bat an eye! A cream trimmed and velamint silk dress with five sensual buttons that cascade from the bosom to the sternum, it's Jean Harlow approved. This is such a "Right Now" dress because it's light as a feather and perfect for summer travel. Going on a Yacht? Sleep in this with nothing underneath. Eat breakfast in this with flip flops. Apres Plage in this with a bikini underneath. Dance in this with some big Vrba earrings.. This may be the only dress you need. If you are a brave lass, then you can go the way of Ms. Perry and throw on some pearls, a white fox fling, and Manolos (Manolo always has the perfect boudoir mule) and venture out in public with a champagne flute in tow. This may be the most glamorous investment a Decades client will make, but it won't cost an arm and a leg!

Christan Dior Boutique silk bias cut slip lingerie dress in velamint and cream, c. 1970s. Modern size 4. SOLD
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