Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Many Urban Legends exist in the "blog-0-sphere" about the Decades Daily Arrival Blog. Last week a charming client from NYC visited our boutique in Los Angeles only to inquire if it were true that the best time to visit the blog is at midnight Pacific Standard Time. Others suggest that 6 AM PST is ideal to scoop up our latest acquisitions before West Coasters can visit the store. Let's set the record straight: there is no rhyme nor reason as to when we post on the blog. When the actual brick and mortar store is open, we try to post, but we also interact with clients visiting the store, so if we don't post one day, it's just because the store is particularly busy! However, we really try to not skip a day...as we know how many Blog readers count on us for their daily dose of vintage couture!

Sometimes we are about to post and the item sells before we can get it on the blog. Case in point: this Vert Force 35 cm special order Birkin below with an unusual indigo leather lining (not shown). As we were photographing the bag to share with the world, one of our regular local clients saw the bag in the store and said "I will take it!" So forgive us if this is known as the post that got away.
Hermes Vert Force Togo special order 35 cm Birkin with indigo leather lining and Palladium hardware, L Stamp 2008. Appears unused. SOLD

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