Friday, May 11, 2012


There is no doubt that Cameron Silver has a fabulous life. After his smashing appearance at the Met Ball, he is en route to Cannes to attend the premiere of Versailles '73 - An American Runway Revolution by filmmaker Deborah Riley Draper, that celebrates the victory of American Fashion in France in 1973 in an iconic fashion face off at Versailles. Narrated by Cameron Silver, the documentary tells the story of what was to be a fundraiser to restore Versailles that turned into a competition between French Haute Couture and American Ready to Wear. Americans won.
 "This is an important film," says Cameron, "not only because it's the story of American designers getting international attention for the first time and kicking ass over the French. But it also has important political overtones, because this show actually broke the color barrier on the runways."

And to celebrate American fashion and the French city by the sea here are some nautical inspired options. Get your hands on these fun inspiring pieces and head for the sea. 

Normal Norell sailor in red with white collar and blue tie with belt, c. 1960's. Modern size 4 SOLD

Anonymous sailor top in navy, c. 1950's. Modern size 4 to 6. SOLD

Norman Norell sailor dress in navy with white collar and belt, c. 1960's. Modern size 4. SOLD

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