Thursday, May 03, 2012


When I lived in New York, my pal Matt brought me over to a certain make-up artist's abode. The entire house was marigold and aqua: the sofa, the rugs, the knick-knacks, the spoons, the cabinet handles, the cloth napkins, the window treatments, the wall sconces. I was pretty amazed. Until a aqua poodle peeked it's sea-colored nose out from behind an aqua chair. Color me astounded.

"Matt, Matt," I tugged my friend's sleeve and whispered, "Um, even the dog matches the decor."

"Oh, that's nothing," he said, completely unfazed. "Six months ago, the entire place was French country and there was a French Bulldog instead. Pierre."

True story.*

While I don't buy pets to go with my interior design choices, I can understand the need to redecorate as often as possible. I love home decor and design. I feed on blogs like Sous Style and The Selby, I'm still bummed that Domino is no longer a monthly rag, and I trowl flea markets on the regular, especially when in Europe, forever in search of just the right wrought iron church alter piece or Japanese vintage pottery.

Every so often, the curatorial team at Decades comes across home pieces that are just too delicious to pass up. Such was the case with this Oscar de la Renta mother-of-pearl inlaid tray with silver inset corner details. You can understand why we took in this tray. It's everything exceptional design should be: elegant and unique with exquisite construction. It stands out in a room, yet helps tie everything together. And let's face it, style isn't simply for the clothes. Style should extend into every facet of your life, including your environs. Except your pets. Pick one. And love him to pieces.

*I found out that the make-up artist rescued the dogs and while he was looking for new homes with caring and kind owners for each of them, he redesigned his apartment to give the pets what he felt would be a soothing environment. Phew. So much better than what I imagined. New Yorkers. We are a crazy breed.