Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Paul Poiret was the oracle of la mode in 1910's and in Paris he was known as simply Le Magnifique. His creations were desired by the most stylish ladies of that decade like Josephine Baker and La Marchesa Casati. Influenced by traditional Arabian dress, Poiret helped to free women from the constraints of the corset, focusing on draping and a simple empire waist shape. Referencing orientalism especially Ballets Russes production of  Schéhérazade he created iconic silhouettes such as the harem pantaloons in 1911 and the lampshade tunic in 1913. Poiret died in poverty, he had rejected modernism and by the time the World War I had ended fashion was overshadowed by utility and function. However by freeing women of corsets and the restrained silhouettes of the Belle Epoque, he was undoubtedly fashion's first great modernist. 
This stunning piece created in 1925 is in great condition, a rare find and a very important piece in fashion history. Besides you can actually wear it in one of many The Great Gatsby inspired parties that you are about to be invited this winter. 

Paul Poiret multi-colored fish tail sequin dress. c.1925's. Modern size 2 to 4. SOLD

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