Saturday, May 26, 2012


It's Memorial Day weekend and I am certain many of you are invited to barbecues over the holiday and are wondering what to wear?  I can think of nothing more appropriate that one of these Christian Dior Lingerie peignoirs that are nylon so if you drip some A-1 sauce on your person, at least it will likely not give you a permanent stain!  In all seriousness, I do wish everyone a happy and relaxing day and remember to reflect on those who serve and protect us no matter from what country from you are reading this.  As for these pastel Dior pieces that may at first inspection seem more boudoir then BBQ, I take exception:  they are perfect, chic apres-plage cover ups to take you from bikini to Bellini.  And there's nothing wrong with wearing them in the bedroom, either!

Christian Dior Lingerie apricot nylon negligee, c. 1960s.  Modern size 4 to 6 SOLD
Christian Dior Lingerie aqua apricot negligee with bed coat, c. 1960s.  Marked size 42, modern 4 to 6 SOLD 

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