Monday, August 06, 2012


I swear my mother had this belt in her closet and she bought it at Shauna Stein in the Beverly Center circa 1988.  I also swear that I did not usurp this belt out of her closet!  I have a real soft spot for Franco Moschino.  His clothes always made me smile.  Since passing away in 1994, his house has continued to flourish and as I type I am wearing a "whimsical" polo with deck of cards motif trim.  Moschino famously poked fun at Coco Chanel and although his CHANNEL No. 5 television motif tee-shirt resulted in a lawsuit from the House of Chanel, he found other ways to be irreverent by making his own gilt link charm belt in the style of Mademoiselle with the letters of his name dangling across it.   Humour in fashion doesn't occur often enough.  Man, fashion peeps take themselves way too seriously.  So put this belt across your waist and wear it with an actual Chanel jacket and flip everyone the "bird" with a wink in your eye.

Franco Moschino adjustable charm gilt chain belt, c. late 1980s.  40 inches tip to tip. SOLD

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