Saturday, August 11, 2012


So many things about Halston designs inspire me, but one of the reoccurring triumphs of his oeuvre is the modernity and relevance of Halston to a 21st Century woman.  This navy jersey wrap gown with high-cut shoulders that reveal a modified bell shape sleeve trimmed in periwinkle can look Medieval and Studio 54 in one flash.  The design is pure.  No gimmicks.  Profoundly flattering.  Ready for some Elsa Perreti for Tiffany or vintage Lalaouinis.  Wear it with heels or a flip flop.  By the pool or on the red carpet.  Halston designed the foundation for a woman to then customize the look.  It has been this style that Tom Ford replicated at Gucci; and Michael Kors continues to delve into with his designs.  It just makes sense and it's very American.  This dress reminds me of the story of Versailles '73.  The French had a two-hour plus kitchen sink presentation.  The Americans just bared their souls and kept it simple in around half an hour.  This dress bares the soul in its own way.

Halston navy jersey bell sleeve wrap dress,  1970's.  Modern 4 to narrow 8 SOLD

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