Thursday, August 02, 2012


I am so excited for the new book coming out next month on the legendary fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez by Roger Padilha and Mauricio Padilha. Antonio illustrations famously appeared in VOGUE, BAZAAR, INTERVIEW, and ELLE.  With his creative collaborator, Juan E. Lopez, they discovered a myriad of legendary fashion fixtures from Tina Chow to Jessica Lange to Grace Jones. The subtitle of the book is FASHION, ART, SEX, and DISCO.  Quite possibly my four favorite things.  I asked co-author Mauricio to choose a dress from Decades that he thinks Antonio would have loved to illustrate and he chose the Bob Mackie below because "...the dress is very reminiscent of Antonio and Juan's  days in Paris in the early 70s where he was inspired by Deco Glamour, and his entourage consisted of models Jane Forth, Donna Jordan and Pat Cleveland all running around Paris in vintage Deco gowns and shaved eyebrows!"  I am not suggesting you need to shave your brows to wear this Mackie but the bronze and black sequin stripes, surplus black, and Dynasty shoulders would have surely gotten you spotted in Antonio's crowd.  Perhaps the purchaser of this dress will be the next Tina, Jessica, or Grace?

Bob Mackie deco-inspired black and bronze beaded stripe bias gown. c. 1980's.  Modern 4 to narrow hip 6 SOLD

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