Friday, December 19, 2008

Cocoa by CoCo

As promised yesterday, here are two of the 1972 Chanel jersey bags.

The first one is the well known bucket shape in cocoa quilted jersey and leather with gold hardware. The clasp on this bag is unlike any other that we have seen. The clasp is a gold square that fits through a square socket, then swivels shut to form a diamond.

The second bag is cocoa quilted jersey with gold hardware. This bag has a gold chain that has the jersey material sewn to one side, making the chain extremely comfortable.

Both of these pieces were created by Chanel when Coco herself was still with them.

Chanel quilted cocoa jersey and leather bucket bag, 1972. Measures 10" x 4" x 8" SOLD

Chanel quilted cocoa jersey bag, 1972. Measures 10" x 3" x 7" SOLD

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